Custom Design: An In-Depth Look

Ready to learn about all the steps that go into creating your special piece?

Discover the artistry and attention to detail that goes into creating your one-of-a-kind piece. From initial concept to final delivery, we guide you through every step, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. With our expert designers, state-of-the-art technology, and exquisite materials, we are committed to crafting jewelry that surpasses your expectations. Embark on a journey of personal expression and create a treasure that tells your unique story.

Artisans at Work

  • Jewelry Designer Sophie Stradley at work in her studio

    Meet Virtually with Our Designer

    • Schedule your free, no-pressure design consultation
    • Discuss your dreams, desires, and vision for your project
    • Determine budget and preliminary timeframe
    • Meet with designer in person or via online chat
    Learn about Pricing, Estimates, and Payments 
  • a selection of diamond rings

    Gather Inspiration

    • Collect and share images of your inspiration
    • Get guidance from experienced artisans
    • Select materials to match your preferences and budget
    • Ensure a unique reflection of your story
    Personalize an Existing Design 
  • Shop interior

    What to Expect During Your Consultation:

    • Personalized guidance and recommendations from a professional jewelry designer
    • Responsive communication through various channels (phone, text, email, or video chat)
    • Expert education on metals, settings, and stones
    Speak to a Jewelry Expert 
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Bring your own gem, or choose one from the Gem Vault

The Gem Vault is where you'll find hand-selected pieces of outstanding quality. Hand-faceted to take specific advantage of the individual mystery of each stone, every stone is of known origin, ethically sourced, and possesses a rare beauty. These incredible gems are rich in color and character, and each is completely unique.

Looking for something specific? Ask about our Private Collection

Explore the Gem Vault
  • Gem designer sketching some ideas

    Making Your Vision a Reality

    • Rough sketches for initial design creation to ensure we're on the right track
    • Opportunity to review and make changes to the design before moving forward
    • Detailed measurement, incorporation of important features, and inspiration review during the design process
    Explore Heirloom Redesign 
  • a composite image of a jewelry design

    Digital Composite Images

    • Designer starts working on the chosen concept using advanced imaging software
    • Creation of a composite image incorporating elements from inspiration photos
    • Visual elements gathered in a 2-dimensional space, addressing balance and cohesion
    • Further opportunity for modifications and changes during this stage
  • 3d jewelry models

    CAD Modeling & Rendering

    • State-of-the-art software used to create a 3D visual model of your design from all angles
    • Cost-effective way to view a lifelike rendering without creating a new piece in metal for each change
    • Designer ensures the piece is beautiful, true to your vision, and durable for generations
  • drilling a wax jewelry model

    Wax Carving and Model Making

    • Complex casting process involving 3D printing of wax or resin master model
    • Master model can be further modified and sculpted to refine the design
    • In-house 3D printers, growers, and wax carvers ensure detailed perfection
    • Realistic renderings and physical models bring your ideas to life, resulting in a unique and perfectly fitting piece
  • three stages of jewelry manufacturing

    Wax Model Viewing and Fitting

    • Master model printed for you to view and try on after digital adjustments
    • Further adjustments will be made until the design is perfect
    • We will ship the wax to you to try on, but please handle with care, as waxes are delicate
    • Some features may be present on the waxes that will be removed during stone setting process, These will be pointed out to you
  • heating metal for casting

    Bringing Your Design to Life

    • Wax model approved, casting process begins
    • Experienced goldsmiths blend old-world methods with modern technology for casting
    • Attention to detail ensures high-quality final piece
    • Wax models sprued and placed in investment cylinder
    • Wax and resin models burned away, and replaced with metal versions of original models
  • polishing a ring

    Detailing and Pre-Polishing

    • Cooled castings require polishing for a traditional jewelry appearance
    • Time and attention to detail are crucial in this step
    • Every surface is polished and tumble finished
    • Hand detailing is done on each piece, including the smallest nooks and crannies
  • soldering a prong to a setting

    The Final Touches

    • Forging strengthens the metal and allows for intricate detailing in your design
    • Fabrication involves using sheet, bar stock, and wire to create unique designs
    • Fabrication is a time-consuming and expensive method, but results in high-quality jewelry
    • Some designs combine casting with hand-fabricated elements for a more customized look
  • Setting a stone

    Gemstone Setting

    • Gemstones are carefully selected and set by hand, taking into account their unique qualities
    • Choose from our wide selection of gems or bring your own for us to set
    • Stones are never cast-in-place, ensuring superior quality and durability
    • Each setting is thoughtfully planned, fitted, and set with meticulous craftsmanship for long-lasting security
  • A selection of jewelry in different finishes

    Time for Your Design to Shine

    • Final stage includes adding special textures and finishes to the metal
    • Various surface finishes applied using specialized tools and techniques
    • Antiquing and enameling used for specific effects
    • Designs are quality checked, marked, and ensured for metal fineness
  • a wrapped Stradley & Daughter design ready for shipping to customer

    Shipping and Delivery

    • Item packaged and delivered via FedEx or USPS 2-Day Priority Insured
    • Tracking number provided upon request for shipment
    • Delivery requires signature for guarantee of safe arrival
    • Local customers can request delivery by trusted courier
    Review Shipping Guidelines 
  • Timeline for Custom Designs

    Timeline and Delivery

    • Custom order projects take about 6-12 weeks from design approval, depending on the complexity of your item
    • Design time varies, so it's recommended to give yourself enough time to enjoy the process
    • Time frame may vary based on the season, with longer times during the summer wedding season or winter holidays
displaying jewelry options to a client

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