Inspired By Your Journey.

Your jewelry carries your stories. Why not start your next chapter with us?

We create extraordinary pieces of wearable art. They are tiny vessels of light, color, and magic to express your desire for connection. They are adornments of meaning and enduring instruments of your legacy. Each piece we create is a lasting, wearable monument you can pass down to future generations.

We create inspired designs for original people - people like you.


Crafted for Connection

Celebrating the bonds that bring us together, each Stradley & Daughter creation intertwines your unique stories with expert craftsmanship. Our glowing reviews are a testament to these connections, a reflection of how each piece resonates deeply with its wearer.



Over 140 Years of Excellence

Master Artisans Since 1883

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    Family Owned & Operated

    With five generations in this industry, we design passion into every piece of jewelry.

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    Artisan Made

    Each one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art is hand-finished right here in our shop by our talented crafts-people.

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    Designed to Last

    Using the finest materials available, we create meaningful pieces to last you a lifetime and beyond.


Generations in the Making

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    Ivan - 1883

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    Matteo - 1906

  • Black and white photo of man and small boy in old fashioned clothing

    Pietro - 1922

  • A man looking at very large faceted gemstones

    Jim - 1978

  • A closeup of a woman with dark hair and glasses

    Sophie - Today

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    Master Artisans since 1883.

“Late have I loved you, O’ beauty ever ancient, ever new." -St. Augustine of Hippo