Step Three: Casting and Creation

heating metal for casting

Bringing Your Design to Life

When you have approved your wax model, we will proceed to casting. Our experienced goldsmiths will blend old-world methods with the latest technology to transform your model into a beautiful work of art.

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance during the casting process. Poor casting quality can lead to improper metal crystallization and cracks or warps and shrinkage in the final piece. Our goldsmith’s attention to detail ensures that your final piece will be the highest quality, fine enough to pass down for generations.

The process seems simple, but requires years of practice to master. First, your wax model is sprued–small tubes of wax are attached strategically so that molten metal can be injected into the mold. Usually several models are sprued together–this allows the metal to flow more evenly and prevents bubbles from forming in the molds.

The sprued models (called a sprue tree) are placed into a special investment cylinder, and liquid plaster is poured over them. A specially designed vacuum chamber removes any air bubbles from the plaster.

Once the plaster in the cylinder hardens, it’s time to inject the mold with metal. Depending on the type of metal used, either a torch or a specialized furnace will be used to bring the metal to a temperature hot enough to liquify it. Once it is able to flow, it is poured into a special funnel shaped opening in the plaster mold.

As the liquid metal enters the plaster mold, the wax and resin models are burned away cleanly, leaving behind space for the metal to fill. When the plaster is broken away, you are left with metal versions of the original wax models.

three stages of jewelry manufacturing

Detailing and Polishing

Cooled castings have a smooth but matte surface and need plenty of polishing before they look like traditional jewelry. This process takes time and attention to detail, and shouldn’t be rushed, as it’s an important step before stone setting. Our craftsmen polish every surface and tumble finish each casting to reach even the smallest nooks and crannies before hand detailing every piece.

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