Design Tiers

What's a design fee, and why do I need to pay it up front?

During your initial consultation, your designer will discuss materials, gemstone options, and design concepts with you. This is a great time to discuss your ideas and your vision for your piece, and to brainstorm what your final piece will look like. Your designer will probably spend some time making some rough sketches to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The next step of the design process involves using a computer to render your jewelry in three dimensions (CAD). This is highly specialized work, and takes time and skill. Design fees must be paid in full before your designer can begin CAD work.

We offer three pricing options for design fees, which are dependent on the overall complexity of your design:

Tier 1: Simple Designs

Simple pendant

This tier is best for simple sculptural designs, minimal stone placements, and designs with flush settings that don't require prongs. There is limited need to manage structure, and stones used are not particularly fragile.

Tier 2: Intermediate Designs 

This tier is for pieces that are a bit more complicated. With these pieces you might see filigree elements, interesting under-galleries, or multiple metals used. These pieces have more stone settings with a greater need for attention to prong placement, stone fragility, and durability factor. 

Tier 3: Complex or Highly Structured Designs

This tier covers pieces with very detailed designs and features, stones that are particularly fragile or valuable and need specific attention to their setting style, and pieces that need very precise measurements to achieve a specific look, such as invisible sets or bar settings. This tier may also be used for creating pieces that must fit around another existing piece, or for irregular-shaped stones, which can be very time consuming.

What You Get:

With every design, you will receive:

  • Your initial design consultation
    • The expert advice you receive during your initial consultation will be invaluable to your custom design journey. Your designer will guide you to the best materials and options to create a piece perfectly tailored to your personal needs.
  • 3D rendered images of your jewelry
    • We will provide high-quality, detailed images from multiple angles to give you a preview of your finished design
    • These images will allow you to visualize your design and make any necessary adjustments before final approval.
  • Fitting models
    • Upon request we will send you a 3D printed wax fitting model to try on. This allows you to physically experience and assess the size and feel of the piece before it is created in metal.
    • Please keep in mind that these models are very fragile and may be damaged in shipping. We will send two copies, but please treat them gently when you receive them.
  • Design review appointments
    • Included in your design fee is the opportunity to provide two revisions to your design. You will have one follow-up appointment to review your design with your designer, and if you decide to make edits, we will schedule an additional appointment.
  • Certificates and Appraisals
    • We understand the significance of owning a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Therefore, we offer a certificate of authenticity, providing assurance of the craftsmanship, materials, and exclusivity of the design.
    • An appraisal of value will be provided to you to submit to your insurance company, or you may choose to insure your piece through one of our partners.

 Additional Details

  • Your non-refundable design fee is due before any CAD work takes place. This ensures that the design process can commence promptly. 
  • You may call or text your designer at any time to make suggestions or provide additional details, but in order to expedite your project and avoid confusion, we ask that major revisions to your design be confined to your review appointments. Further revisions will incur additional charges, and full redesigns will be charged at the appropriate tier pricing.
  • Our designs are interpretations of our customers' instructions by our skilled artists, and while we strive to translate their ideas into reality, it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to effectively communicate and direct our designers in order to achieve their desired vision. Please be 100% certain that you are happy with your design before issuing your final approval, as we cannot offer returns or refunds on custom designed pieces. 
  • The designs created by Stradley & Daughter Jewelers are the property of the company and may not be duplicated without appropriate permission or authorization.

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