Meet the Artisans: Past, Present, and Future

Discover the master artisans who have shaped Stradley & Daughter's storied past, as well as the visionary designer and world-class gemcutter steering its exciting future. Each generation has brought its own unique flair and expertise to our craft, culminating in a rich blend of tradition and innovation.

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Records show Great Grandpa Ivan creating works of marble and stone in a small seaside village on the Mediterranean in the late 1800s. This craft was often passed from father to son. 

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Grandpa Matteo emigrated to the US in the early 1900s. He brought his family, his love for Italian cooking, and his attention to detail. 

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Pietro & Antonio

Great Uncle Pietro and Antonio, shown c. 1920. A veteran of the Great War, Pietro loved solitude and was inspired by nature. 

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Jim Stradley

Shown here in 1978, with a record breaking gemstone. Widely considered one of the world's premier gemcutters, his work is featured in the collections of the finest museums, including the Smithsonian.

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Jewelry Designer Sophie Stradley

Sophie Stradley

Present day. A love of history and travel influences the designs she creates, using a blend of traditional old-world methods and cutting edge technology. 

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