The Moments that Define Us

A few days after my first husband asked me for a divorce, I found myself on the floor in my hallway. After days of trying to work up the motivation, I had finally started for the kitchen to find some food. I only made it halfway there before a wave of sorrow overwhelmed me and I fell back down to my knees. 

I don't know how long I cried there, face down on the carpet. All I knew at the time is that the person I loved and had built a life with was leaving me. I felt like a failure. I believed I would never love again. I had no idea how I would move forward, and I seemed to have discovered an unlimited reservoir of tears. 

When the last wave of sobs quieted, I lay staring at the wall in that deep kind of self-pity that can easily turn to bitterness. I didn't want to move, I had stopped caring about food, and I really wasn't sure if I even cared whether I lived or died. 

Down on the floor, I noticed everything looked...different. It was a perspective I had never considered before, and I studied the flecks of lint on the carpet, searching for some kind of meaning for my life. 

My eyes focused on the baseboard across from me, and a glint of light caught my attention. I looked at it for several long moments before my curiosity won out over my destitution, and I finally scooted my way over to find out what it was. 

Courage HeartTucked between the baseboard and the carpet was a small silver charm with a single word engraved across the front: Courage.

It seems almost insignificant, but in that moment when I was at my lowest, reading that word gave me the hope I needed to continue breathing. I felt like no matter what the next days held, I could face them if I just kept taking one breath at a time.

I slept with the charm clutched in the palm of my hand that night, and the next day, I put it on a chain to wear around my neck. It was a constant reminder for me to keep moving forward.

Months later, my best friend saw my new necklace and did a doubletake--I didn't know at the time, but the charm was hers -- it had fallen off her bracelet months before, and had made its way to me when I needed it most. 

Looking back at that difficult time in my life, I feel a lot of gratitude. Even though at the time I felt like my world was ending, I went on to build a life better than my wildest dreams. I found new love, new purpose, and new peace. If I had given up that day, I would have missed out on everything.

Inspired by life's moments, the Milestones collection celebrates your unique journey and the growth you've achieved to become who you are today. Each piece in this collection represents an important moment in your life, and conveys a secret message, pressed into your skin by lettering on the interior of the ring.

Milestone rings feature reversed lettering on the inside, and each word, such as "Comfort," "Courage," and "Love," carries a corresponding story from your life, reminding you of your own personal journey. These rings are a daily reminder of the strength within you and a symbol of your perseverance.

The focus is on the message, not the ornamentation, making these rings suitable for any outfit and occasion. The simple design highlights the importance of the message and its impact on you as the wearer.

Milestone rings are made from 10 or 14k gold, ensuring durability and long-lasting wear. Gold is a timeless metal and symbolizes strength and resilience, making it the perfect material for this collection.

The collection tells a story of truth and meaning. By forging memories and meanings in metal, the jewelry becomes a visible reminder for you to reach deep within yourself for the strength life requires. Wear these rings when you want a meaningful, original, and timeless piece of jewelry that celebrates your journey through life.

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