Dapper's Garden

Her name was Dapper, and she could grow anything. 

Young DapperAs children, we would make ourselves positively sick on the sweet raspberries that grew at the bottom of her garden. She would carefully preserve her bountiful produce in the cool root cellar and proudly present delicious, home-cooked meals in all seasons. I have never seen the equal of her late summer roses. I would bury my nose in a blossom the size of a dinner plate and inhale that warm evening scent, surrounded by a riot of beautiful floral color.

Her nurturing qualities didn't end at her green thumb. She just loved to watch things grow - plants, projects, people. She adored children and taught the age twos-and-threes Sunday School class for decades. She was carefully invested in each of her (dozens) of grandchildrens' lives, and always made you feel as if your story was the most important one she had heard that day. She was a good steward of her household, and even helped to run a successful business in a time when few women worked outside the home.

I hope you had someone like Dapper in your life, and if you didn't, I hope that she can inspire you to be that person for someone else.

I designed this collection to honor my grandmother's spirit. It's for anyone who embraces growth, life, and joy. This is a collection about self-nurture and dream building. I encourage you to wear these beautiful pieces as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery and allow Dapper's nurturing heart to guide your steps. 


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